About Infinity

About our company

Infinity Document Solutions provides both hardware and software to enable businesses and organisations to produce, duplicate, integrate, store and retrieve their documents in a professional, quick and easy fashion. The Directors of Infinity have over 100 years industry experience between them and in this time have become highly trusted and regarded within South Wales for their knowledge and professionalism in both the public and private sectors.

Infinity offer the very best in multi functional devices that provide the highest quality colour print/ copy output and that allow the high speed scanning of your hard copy documents that can be stored and archived electronically. Having scoured the market place for the best products for our clients we believe we have a portfolio of equipment and software that will allow us to be the complete document provider for your organisation. Having promoted the cost saving benefits of multi functional copy print scanners and the rationalising of your desk top printers over recent years, we will now be in a position to provide fixed cost per print desktop printers that can run alongside these mfd’s that will allow you to have complete control of your copying and printing costs and use us as a one stop shop for printing taking a great deal of unwanted pressure off your I.T.

To compliment this technology we have a suite of software solutions that can assist you in managing these documents saving both time and money and often-enabling organisations to hit their industry compliance criteria. These softwares can range from print management, which allows secure printing with accountability and audit trail. We offer document management systems that will store and retrieve your documents in a secure and compliant manner. We also offer softwares that sit in between the MFD and your back office systems that allow you to integrate your hardcopy documents into your existing systems.

With the longevity of the staff of Infinity within Wales, we believe we know what the people of Wales want from a document solutions provider and we feel that we can provide the organisations and businesses of Wales with quality pre sales advice and consultation, personalised hands on installations and training and local, friendly, knowledgeable account management. Infinity also realise that you need your provider most when you have a problem and Infinity aim to provide the highest quality after sales technical response and fix rates. You will log all technical calls with our Swansea office and the person you speak to will know who you are, where you are, what you do and what you need, making life easier. We will also be able to deal with any queries regarding any of your dealings with Infinity in the medium of Welsh.

Why choose us?

Choose Infinity as your print partner in Wales as we have the best hardware and software on the market allied with our ethos and business philosophy of helping your organisation maximise its document strategy, helping you save money, time and the environment whilst also improving efficiency and compliance.